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Frequently asked questions & answers

Here, we have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call!

How many people do we need for a group trip?chevron down

We usually recommend groups to be at least 30 people for the best pricing. However, we also welcome smaller groups, though the base price may need to be adjusted.

We want to travel with our regular bus company, is that okay?chevron down

Absolutely, that’s precisely the idea behind Upplandsturen. Use your bus and your driver, and let us create the program for your round trip or day tour.

Does the bus come with the tours?chevron down

No, it doesn’t. But if you wish to have a bus from us, please specify that in your inquiry or when you call us. We can also assist you in booking a bus from your local area and region. We have good connections with our colleagues across the country.

Can we create our own trip with different content?chevron down

Certainly! We often tailor day trips and multi-day trips based on the group’s preferences. With your input and our experience, the tours usually turn out the best!

What is included in the price as stated?chevron down

In the tours listed on the website, visits, entrance fees, guided tours, and lunch are included.

If the group wants coffee, we can add that as an extra. Depending on the geographical distance, we have left coffee out, giving you the opportunity to choose it yourselves.

How do I, as a group leader, make the payment?chevron down

You will receive an invoice for the entire group, which we will send after the completion of the group trip.

Are there any cancellation terms?chevron down

Yes, there are cancellation terms. Along with the trip confirmation, there will be a deadline for the last free cancellation, as well as details on when the final adjustments need to be made and when the invoice should be paid.

Who is behind Upplandsturen?chevron down

Upplandsturen is a brand owned and operated by Högbergs Bussresor AB in Uppsala.

Don’t find a package that suits you perfectly?

Contact us, and we will tailor a package according to your preferences. Regardless of how you want to travel, we assist with planning and booking at no extra cost.

Welcome to Uppland!

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Old, red houses with green lawns and a serene lake