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Welcome to Upplandsturen!

Upplandsturen is your group travel organizer in Uppland.

With us, you can choose between our ready-made programs where all the essential attractions are included, or let us tailor your unique journey between Uppland’s fantastic tourist destinations.

Book your day trip or explore Uppland with us on a longer journey. We have good connections with guides, restaurants, and operators throughout the county. From small entrepreneurs to several historically significant places and areas, Upplandsturen has the program – you have the group.

Welcome to us!

Book a customized group trip!

Do you have specific preferences for the content of the trip? Perhaps you would like a multi-day tour in Uppland?

We tailor the trip to you – that’s our job!

Villa Romana Uppsala

Can’t find a package that suits you perfectly?

Contact us, and we’ll tailor a unique package according to your preferences. Regardless of how you want to travel, we assist with planning and booking at no extra cost.

What does it mean that we customize your trip?

With Upplandsturen, you get much more than just comfortable transportation between your destinations. We shape your perfect group trip with what you want to do – city walks, historical sites, and all the beauty our county has to offer.

When you book a group trip with Upplandsturen, we can, together with you and your fellow travelers, create the ultimate journey tailored to what you want to do in Uppland. You can either choose from our ready-made packages with selected attractions, or we can create a completely unique package for your group trip when you want to explore a different tourist destination.