Sights to visit in Uppland

Here, we have gathered some of our travel destinations. You’ll find everything from experiences around Uppland, tourist attractions in Uppsala, guided historical and city walks, to well-known and lesser-known points of interest. Whether you want to combine multiple destinations or are curious about an adventure with Uppland’s finest travel organizer, feel free to contact us for assistance in customizing a package according to your preferences. We can tailor your trips, add or remove destinations. Upplandsturen – your travel agency in Uppsala is here to ensure your journey is the best it can be!

Don’t know yet what you want to explore?

Uppland is filled with fantastic destinations – both well-known and hidden gems. With everything from ancient monuments, the university’s powerful history, and magnificent gardens, there’s an incredible amount to experience and do in Uppsala and Uppland. Maybe you’re ready for a historical walk or an adventure along the northern Uppland coast, but you’re not quite sure what’s available? Experience Uppland with Upplandsturen!

As your group travel organizer, we tailor your trip to include what you want to visit. Get inspired by our ready-made packages or let us create a completely unique journey just for you and your group. We organize both day trips and multi-day trips, planning everything from meals and snacks to bus transport and itinerary, guides, and points of interest. Sit back as we plan your trip!

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